Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 19th. Foxgloves at Golden Gate Park

July 18th. Someone had to bend down to do that

July 17th. Vertical succulent garden

At Flora Grubb nursery

July 16th. Latte

July 15th. Shoes

July 14th. Subway stairs

July 13th. Patio chairs

July 11th. View from Buena Vista

July 10th. Illuminated switch

July 9th. Plants on the stairs

July 8th. Fog and stairs

July 7th. Hydrangea petals

July 6th. Security gate

July 5th. Grass

July 4th. As American as baked bread

July 3rd. Bench

July 2nd. Veggie lasagna

July 1st. Ferry building

June 30th. Stools in an alley

June 29th. Pile of yarn scraps

Found on a subway bench

June 28th. Smaller scaffolding

I sense a theme.

June 27th. Up in the air

flying back from Portland

June 26th. Tall bike sighting

I'm in Portland this weekend.

June 25th. Knit/Tattoo

I'm in Portland this weekend

June 24th. Scaffolding