Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 17th. Hang your hat

May 15th. Croon

May 14th. Not a simple window.

May 13th. Pelargonium

May 12th. Villa

More trompe l'oiel

May 11th. Orchid

May 10th. Fuchsia standards

May 9th. Happy coat

May 8th. Food truck

May 7th. Sunny day

May 6th. Flower spike

May 3rd. Bashful Sutro tower

May 2nd. Corner market

May 1st. Street light

Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 30th. Glass and brick

April 29th. Columns

April 28th. Weathervane

April 27th. Inexplicable cookie cutter

Best guess: some kind of seal.

April 26th. Fart machine No. 2

April 25th. Leaf and bricks

April 24th. Rabbit

April 23rd. Downtown sky

April 22nd. Construction

April 21st. After Easter

April 20th. Warning