Friday, June 20, 2014

June 13th. Subway pigeon

June 12th. Perched on a compost bin

June 10th. Monument

June 9th. POPOS

Privately Owned Public Open Space

June 8th. The Mighty Wurlitzer

June 7th. Fresh coffee

June 6th. Breaking out

June 5th. Easy chair

June 4th. Fog

June 3rd. Polling Place

June 2nd. Variegated

June 1st. Tail

A small game of "Find the cat"

May 31st. Envelopes

May 30th. Door

May 29th. Mural

May 28th. Alley

May 27th. Free

May 26th. Kiwi fruit and grapes

May 25th. Phalaenopsis