Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 10th. Rainy day

December 9th. Holiday trolley

December 7th. Raining cats

December 5th. Open

December 4th. Aloe

Just about to bloom

December 3rd. Lunch ramen

December 2nd. Downtown intersection

December 1st. Eyebrows

That's the back of a subway card reader

November 30th. Harvey Milk Memorial

November 29th. Rainbow Chard

November 28th. Corner market

Friday, November 27, 2015

November 27th. Pinball

November 25th. Castro, Thanksgiving Eve

November 24th. String webs

November 23rd. Festive escalator

November 22nd. Two heads are better than one

November 21st. Garbanzo beans

November 20th. Ferry Building garlands

November 19th. Raining bits

November 18th. Ed Lee

November 17th. Lamps

November 16th. Shoes on the subway

November 13th. Decorative Gourd Season

November 12th. Window cats

November 9th. Peppermint

November 7th. Who's a good boy

November 6th. Orchid

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3rd. Great Pumpkin shrine

November 2nd. Street sign shadows

November 1st. Leftover ghosts

October 31st. Sweet Potato Soup

Seasonally appropriate color!

October 30th. Cliff's does not have a monopoly on window displays

October 29th. Cliff's Variety Store Halloween window display

They're 5 feet tall and animated.

October 28th. Lori's Diner

October 27th. Halloween decorations

October 26th. Marigolds

October 25th. Gourd tree

October 24th. Black Cat