Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17th. Crescent moon

Trapped between the upper parts of Sutro Tower

September 16th. Statue with flag

September 15th. Fall hydrangea

September 14th. Fennel blooms

September 13th. We Have Canning Tomatoes

September 12th. Floral arrangement

September 11th. Owl

September 10th. SFO

September 9th. Dawn over the South Bay

September 8th. The Other Wine Country

September 7th. Succulent

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 6th. ATM

September 5th. Summer evening

It's September, and San Francisco summer is finally here.

September 4th. French horns

Busking at the Castro Soulcycle.

September 3rd. Brick wall, red flowers

September 2nd. Subway juggler

Not busking, just killing time until his train came.

September 1st. Cutting board map

August 31st. Spear & Magic Helmet

August 30th. Gold door

August 29th. Statue & Ferry building

It's a traveling exhibit

August 28th. Stained glass

August 27th. Strawberries

August 26th. Moon over Target

Back in San Francisco

August 25th. Bozeman airport

I was in Yellowstone for the past week

Complete with flying geese statues

August 24th. Buffalo path

I'm visiting Yellowstone this week.

Buffalo forced all the hikers to beat a hasty retreat up the nearby knoll.

August 23rd. Yellowstone coke

August 22nd. Hiking Mt. Washburn

I'm visiting Yellowstone this week.

Somewhat hazy from all the wildfires.

August 21st. Hot spring & bacterial mats

I'm in Yellowstone this week.

August 20th. Natural bridge

I'm visiting Yellowstone this week.

August 19th. Boots

I'm visiting Yellowstone this week.

August 18th. Problematic payphone

August 17th. Castro crosswalk

August 16th. Wig display

August 15th. Calm evening

No fog, and the goose is pointing North.

August 14th. Dome

At the Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre (note the 'e')

August 13th. Agave bloom

about 15' high now

August 12th. Tendrils