Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23rd. Sidewalk

May 21st. Evening MUNI

May 20th. Morning on the MUNI

May 19th. Dance of the Saplings

May 18th. North Beach

May 17th. Coconut pudding

May 16th. We Sell Headphones

May 15th. Lone Gunman

May 14th. US Bank

May 13th. Spring veggies & fruit

May 12th. Rainbow footprints

May 10th. Succulent

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 9th. Castle

May 8th. Parrots like cherry blossoms

May 7th. Lunch in Chinatown

May 6th. Aeonium blossoms

(with bee)

May 5th. Palm tree with owls

May 4th. Window

May 3rd. Cinco de Mayo in the Castro

May 2nd. Tail

May 1st. Karl the fog

Keep up with Karl

April 30th. Firetruck bell

April 29th. Sunset pyramid

April 28th. Sunset, skyscrapers, and moon