Monday, June 13, 2016

June 12th. Pride

June 11th. Tiny library

June 10th. The Castro

June 9th. Nasturtiums vs. chain link fence

June 8th. Trucks not advised

June 7th. Jasmine are blooming

June 6th. Pineapples

June 5th. Sunny day in Dolores Park

June 4th. A typical summer view of the Golden Gate

a.k.a. Hello, marine layer.

June 3rd. Dinner al fresco

June 2nd. Tree with lights

June 1st. Palm trees and roses

May 31st. Graffiti

May 30th. Random bumper sticker of the day

May 29th. Taco truck

May 27th. Oysters and champagne

May 26th. I'm well

May 25th. Sutro tower with cloud

May 24th. Rainbow Escalator

May 23rd. Birds on the wire

Saturday, June 4, 2016

May 22nd. Urban statuary

May 20th. Succulent garden

May 19th. Waiting for the train

May 18th. Photo Spot

At Pier 39

May 17th. Bottlebrush tree

May 16th. Aeonium bloom

May 15th. Tiki bar

May 14th. Creepy lights

May 13th. Park

May 12th. Primer building

May 11th. Wet

May 10th. Clover