Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 16th. Walking stick

April 15th. Subway bricks

April 14th. Amplify your brand

April 13th. Copymat

April 12th. Downtown Sunset

April 11th. Old Beetle

April 10th. Snickerdoodles

April 9th. Geraniums

April 8th. Agave stalks and palm trees

April 7th. Charge

April 6th. Lion

April 5th. Seagull and lunch

Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 4th. Monkeys

April 3rd. Orange tree

In Palo Alto (San Francisco is generally too cold for oranges)

April 2nd. Birch tree

April 1st. Back in San Francisco

March 31st. DFW

I'm in Dallas this week.

March 30th. ALL the Texas

I'm in Dallas this week

March 29th. Telephones

I'm in Dallas for this week

March 28th. Terminal

March 27th. Pizza

March 26th. Window box